About Elizabeth Pearlson

Elizabeth’s Philosophy

Elizabeth believes in a natural, balanced approach to wellness through the integration of traditional Chinese Medicine and 21st Century knowledge. Her unique combination of treatments are designed to relieve pain and stress, and to help sustain physical harmony by directing the natural flow of energy to its most efficacious state.

Acupuncture treats pain, neck & back stiffness, sciatica, headaches, repetitive stress injuries, digestive disturbances, insomnia, colds/flu, women’s health, & more.

About Elizabeth

With an eclectic background which includes a University of Michigan Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Science degree from the Meiji College of Chinese medicine in Berkeley, California, as well as many post graduate courses in pain relief, Elizabeth has been practicing acupuncture and massage therapy in the financial district of San Francisco since 2000. During that time she has developed her own unique combination of treatments which have helped many people feel better, achieve both pain and stress relief, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to practicing yoga, studying nutrition, reading, and traveling, Elizabeth volunteers at the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic in San Francisco, working with women with cancer.

What Her Clients Say

I have been referring my patients to Elizabeth for over 7 years. Elizabeth is gentle, caring and compassionate. She takes her time with each patient giving them the best of her care. She is excellent with difficult injury cases and she has my utmost respect and trust.
Dr. Karri Cardinal

As a member of the holistic health community I was eager to give
acupuncture a try. I suffered from chronic pain in the right piriformis
for many years. Liz is truly an amazing healer. She was able to completely
alleviate the pain through acupuncture in just 5 sessions. Liz is also a
compassionate listener and provides a “whole body” approach to her
treatments including massage, herbs, and proper nutritional guidance. She inspires me with every visit and I can't live without her. HIGHLY
Anita Dah
Owner, Dah Pilates Studio

Elizabeth PearlsonI started seeing Elizabeth Pearlson for on going health problems due to weak lungs with frequent congestion and colds in the winter. The benefits I have received from Acupuncture and herbal therapy include an improved quality of life due to a dramatic decrease in the frequency of congestion and a general improvement in my health due to a stronger immune system. This was the first winter in memory without a cold or flu!

Nerida W., San Francisco

Liz Pearlson is a talented acupuncturist and a natural healer. I began seeing Liz while studying for the bar exam after law school. I went into crisis when sitting twelve hours a day resulted in an almost complete loss of my ability to bend forward. Liz immediately recognized that a fairly aggressive form of acupuncture was necessary in order for me to get back to my studies quickly. Rather then taking four or five sessions to make moderate progress, Liz took this assertive action and had me back in my chair studying the next morning. i continued to see Liz throughout the rest of my studies and I passed the exam.

Later, I suffered from constant nausea with intermittent bouts of shooting abdominal pains. After nine months of pain, three western doctors, two specialists, an endoscopy, an ultrasound, and numerous blood tests, the problem remained undiagnosed and the pain continued. I went to Liz to seek some reprieve. Within ten minutes of our dialogue, Liz asked me about my birth control. She offered the idea that i try thirty days without it. Within ten days, all the symptoms had disappeared! After nine months of constant appointments and tests, it was Liz who figured out the simple answer that I was allergic to my birth control, and she did this within ten minutes of talking with me. For all of these reasons, I will always go to Liz for reprieve from pain, or even for an answer to a problem. She is a natural healer and I recommend her with all my heart!
Andrea H.., San Francisco